Saturday, January 31, 2009

Friday, January 30, 2009

365/30 Friday January 30-2009

365/30 January 30-2009 - I spotted this lone brittle leaf hanging amongst the twigs and evergreens. It probably doesn't look like much does it? But it represents the end, the end of winter soon to pass it cold and chilly days officially on to Spring. With warmer days and less heat needed at night I'll soon see new buds and shoots coming from the renewed Earth. like the paperwhites I'm forcing to bloom on my dining room table. There remains just a few hangers on of winter, like the leaf, resistant to give up the home it's known for a year. Maybe it's like we are resistant to give up habits and traits of the past to try something new in the future, I'm like that are you? Maybe it's time I let go along with the leaf, after all ,at almost 60, I shouldn't be fearful to try something new now should I?

Thursday, January 29, 2009

365/29 Thursday January 29-2009

365/29 Thursday January 29-2009 Well I can tell that as the year progresses this project is going to provide some head scratching at times. I went outside, camera in hand, to see what I was going to share today. I spotted these red berries on a bush between the neighbors and me. So here's are today's photos, just playing around see what the camera and I could come up with.

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

365/28 Wednesday -January 28-2009

365/28 Wednesday January 28-2009
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Tuesday, January 27, 2009

365/27 Tuesday January 27-2009

Tuesday 365/27 - 2009 January 27-2009 After the snowflakes in the air yesterday the mountains around us were topped with just a little dusting of powder. As I was coming home this afternoon this mist laid just above the crevices in the mountain. It looked almost like cotten tuffs just suspended in the air above it. If you click on the photo the close up with show you the frozen spikes at the very tops.

Monday, January 26, 2009

365/26 Monday January 26-2009

Monday January 26-2009 - I've been thinking I should add the day of the week going forward, more for me than you, lol. I can't seem to figure out time anymore since we retired. All the days seem to blend, weekend to weekday and back again. So maybe if I write it here each day I'll get it together! NOT, lol.

OK today's photos were taken in our front yard. When I returned from the gym this morning the neighborhood had been taken over by robins they were everywhere as I came down the street and luckily they were in our tree as well. They sat so still, just watching me as I moved a little closer with each shot. Probably telling one another in bird language what a crazy human I am, out in the drizzle with that little box pointed skyward at them :-)


The back drop of the naked limbs of the tree is perfect to showcase the brilliant orange of their tummies. Beautiful plump birds just sitting and looking. Beautiful aren't they?

The robins have gone now, on to fatter neighborhoods of juicer worms and bugs perhaps? I've never seen a worm here, not like the fat night crawlers of the Pacific Northwest, but I'm sure they must be somewhere for these guys to feed upon.

I must share, shortly after I took these photos I looked outside and it was snowing. Now what gives with that? For heavens sake we moved to the desert, or at least I thought we had! What a strange weather year, and yet it's given us a beauty in the mountains around us that I'm sure is not the norm. Of course today was pretty wet flakes that didn't last long, just long enough to make me smile and say 'oh look'.

Saturday, January 24, 2009

365/25 January 25-2009

365/25 January 25-2009

I'm cheating a little and posting these a little bit before the new day dawns but I just couldn't wait to share with you all the evening sky that developed all around our house tonight.

Beautiful shades of oranges and purples lit up the sky and sent rays of evening light through the clouds. I just kept snapping because the scene all around me was constantly unfolding.

Mother Nature really is something isn't she?

365/24 January 24-2009

365/24 January 24-2009 Today I've just been playing with a photo of the wine bottles I took in our hallway. The power of Photoshop is so wondrous! I just wish I could instantly know it all, but you discover some of the best things by just playing. So that's what I did.

Friday, January 23, 2009

365/23 January 23-2009

365/23 January 23-2009

Thursday, January 22, 2009

365/22 January 22-2009

365/22 January 22-2009 I was very taken with a photo I saw on a 365 blog yesterday. It was ice cubes and coke in a glass but you'd never have known, it was clever. I thought today what do I have in my house that I can take a photo of. A new challenge to see the everyday with new eyes; a lesson we could all tend to use. So I went around and spotted the marble jar. When we moved into our new home last April I wanted to try and unpack all the boxes that had been stored since moving from Washington 6 years prior. I ran across an old denim bag that had originally held my ball and jacks when I was very little, inside were these marbles, I thought they had long ago disappeared. What a happy site. I've since taken them from the bag and put them in a tall glass vase. The marbles had been my brother Bills perhaps Georges as well (my other brother). I remember as a very little girl of perhaps 5 or 6 watching Bill and his friend Ed play in the dirt shooting marbles. Long before IPODs and cell phones, MP3 players and text messaging. Back when a few marbles and a circle in the dirt were enough to satisfy the imagination of a couple of boys growing up in the country. What a long way from those fields, those boys, those times. But the marbles, they have persevered and are still with me today, a wonderful snapshot of my past.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

365/21 January 21-2009

365/21 January 21-2009
Bloomington Park, St Geroge Utah

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

365/20 January 20-2009

365/20 January 20-2009

If you click on the photo and enlarge it you'll see what caught my eye, life on the limb of almost nothing in the dead of winter. Perhaps like our country today, new breath, new life, new hope on a limb that has looked pretty barren. Hope that our country and our pride will once again grow under this new leadership. What a day, history made before our eyes.

Monday, January 19, 2009

365/19 January 19-2009

365/19 January 19-2009 I ran to Costco just before dusk tonight and when I came out this beautiful sunset was greeting me. I'm getting better I had my camera right with me. I've gotten in the habit of putting it in my purse whenever I leave the house, something new for me. I was glad tonight that's what I'd done.

Sunday, January 18, 2009

365/18 January 18-2009

365/18 January 18-2009 At the edge of Green Springs Golf Course, Washington Utah.

I always love photos like this, in reality it's the road the golf carts take around the one end of the Golf Course, but in my mind it can be the pathway to where ever. I love the way the trees, barren of summers leaves, dip toward the pathway and how it winds and draws you eye inward down the path.

I've seen pages where a photo of someone has been placed walking down the path. I'll have to scout out my pictures and see if I have any of anyone walking away, would make a great scrapbook page.

Saturday, January 17, 2009

365/17 January 17-2009

365/17 January 17-2009 I decided this morning I needed to start my walks again, at least on the days we don't go to the gym. I headed out with camera in hand and found these three guys perched in the trees in our neighborhood. I got a bunch of fabulous photos, some of which I think I'll be able to use for my new notecard project. I don't want to post anymore though I may not have a photo to share one day and the others will be good ones to pull from.

Friday, January 16, 2009

365/16 January 16-2009

January 16-2009 One of the draws to moving here was the beautiful bright blue skies. As I've said before living my life in the Pacific Northwest you became accustomed to overcast gray skies. The site of this flag slowly moving in the breeze against the blue blue sky just speaks for itself.

There is another flag I wished I had gone back and taken a photo of the day the winds were blowing here. We were on our way home from the gym and this flag, in front of a small manufacturing firm, was waving it's heart out. But what caught my attention was the flag was faded, and tattered and torn and was still just as touching if not more so. As soon as the winds come again I'll be there, camera in hand, to get a photo of that flag for you and for me.

Thursday, January 15, 2009

365/15 January 15-2009

365/15 January 15-2009

In the heart of this little town we moved to, Washington City, is this park. I've passed it many times but today decided the statues here would make a nice picture for my 365 Project. I was really taken when I got out to look. Not one but several statures were cast to represent the settles that came to grow Cotton in this new land in the mid 1800s. This is how this area became known as Dixie, most of these early settlers were Southerners from Alabama, Virginia, Texas Tennessee and the Carolinas. So far away from home they deemed this new land 'Utah's Dixie'. Represented here are many of the early farmers, come to carve out a home in a new and primitive land. Amazing!

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

365/14 January 14-2009

365/14 January 14-2009 - I love the shadow play these dried flowers make against the wall. Like their souls are dancing to their own tune. Almost looks like a chalk drawing done on a sketch pad.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

365/13 January 13-2009

January 13-2009 - Perched atop the decorative falls just before you enter Monte Verde, where we live, were these little birds. Just sitting in the cold water like it was a summer wading pool. I shivered just looking at them! I love the way the camera captured the drops of water freezing them in motion.

Monday, January 12, 2009

365/12 January 12-2009

This clock is over in the Sunset area. I've seen it many times, it's close to where we go to Starbucks to grab coffee or to Grandma Tobbler's for Paul to munch down his favorite fruit filled cookies. I was wondering today why this clock pulls me and I think it's because it makes me think of the clock on downtown Commerce Avenue in my hometown of Longview Washington. It doesn't look anything like my hometown clock it's just the idea of it I guess. When I'm home nexttime that will be a photo I will have to take, some mementos of the things I grew up with the landmarks that marked my life. Buildings, bridges, clocks all these things we so take for granted but become a part of us. Like the elevator that my friend and I would ride up and down in in the old Myklebust Building, elevators were far and few back then. I sound ancient but so much is so modern today we forget how simple things were in the late 50's and early 60's.

Sunday, January 11, 2009

365/11 January 11-2009

365/11 January 11 -2009

The petals are slowly dropping from my tulips. When one landed at my fingertips with a soft thump I wondered what they'd look like photographed. I slipped a white sheet of paper under them and started shooting. When I pulled them up in Photoshop I added a soft green layer beneath and blended to fade the lines of the photo. I like the effects.

Saturday, January 10, 2009

365/10 January 10-2009

January 10 - 2009 Utah Cactus - I just love the different cactus that grow here in Southern Utah. When we moved over last spring they were just starting to bloom. This year I want to have camera in hand to capture some of that contrast between the prickly sharp needles of the cactus and the beautiful flowers blooming on them.

Friday, January 9, 2009

365/09 January 9 -2009

January 9 2009 - Mountains behind Green Springs Golf Course, Washington Utah. I wish I knew what these mountains are called. When we came home today the tops, about 1/2 way down was shrouded in this mist. Fountains at the entrance to Laguana Hills complex. From this angle it looks like a sheet of glass is laying atop the waterfalls.

Thursday, January 8, 2009

365/08 January 8-2009

365/08 January 8-2009
We went to Paula's Cazuela for lunch today, it sits up on the ridge overlooking St George. As you enter the restaurant the foyer has this colorful tile scene on the wall right in front of you. Having my camera ready to take my photo of the day I zipped it out. I'd love to have this in my home along with that vibrant blue floor!

Okay this is actually an 'extra' that I just had to share with you. I took the picture of my tulips sitting on my desk with the blinds behind. All I did was add a pink layer behind and blend them, I love the effect!

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

365/07 It's 5:41 pm and I've been waiting all day to upload these, what ever Blogger and Picassa's problems they must be fixed now so finally I'm getting to add my photos for today.

Blogger is giving me grief and not allowing me to upload my photos so I'll return later and add them!

365/07 January 7 - 2009 The end of week one! When we went to the gym this morning I grabbed the camera to find just the photo I wanted to add for my last one this week. Only problem is I had so many I really liked, I guess that's a blessing. It would be worse to load them on the computer and not have anything you like. So today there are several ---

Close to the entrance of the gates into our home area are waterfalls and this morning I noticed the ponds were covered in ice. By the time we'd hit the gym and returned some had melted but not all. I chose this photo of just the slips of ice in the water.

We went to Starbucks to get coffee and cut up Red Hills Drive home. This has great pullouts to capture the vistas around St George. Looking South I was able to get this photo of the snow capped mountains.

At the next pullout, less than I mile away I could look directly East across the town of St George and see the mountain in front of me. What took my breath away when the photos hit the pc was this great streak of pink light filtering in from the top left. Magic, that's exactly what this digital photography is!

OK so I had more than I needed for this days photos but once home I spotted the tulips on my desk and had to try a few different angles, I am so delighted with this one. Now I ask you how beautiful is this???

(I got a little nervous at Blogger today so have decided even though I wanted to do one post for each week from here on out it will be a new post a day)
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