Friday, January 16, 2009

365/16 January 16-2009

January 16-2009 One of the draws to moving here was the beautiful bright blue skies. As I've said before living my life in the Pacific Northwest you became accustomed to overcast gray skies. The site of this flag slowly moving in the breeze against the blue blue sky just speaks for itself.

There is another flag I wished I had gone back and taken a photo of the day the winds were blowing here. We were on our way home from the gym and this flag, in front of a small manufacturing firm, was waving it's heart out. But what caught my attention was the flag was faded, and tattered and torn and was still just as touching if not more so. As soon as the winds come again I'll be there, camera in hand, to get a photo of that flag for you and for me.

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