Sunday, January 4, 2009

First 7 days - January 1 - 7 2009

365/06 January 6 - 2009 I awoke this morning to a beautiful sunrise, washing our street with multi-colored rays. I also awoke to white, I feel almost shame faced saying white when the family in Washington has a never ending supply of it this year. But it was white here none the less, so cold again into the 20's as it was yesterday morning. But the sunrise was spectacular as these photos show. Good morning Utah, good morning world.

From my morning's mail came my sisters Thought for Today, most appropriate for my morning's mood - The voyage of discovery is not in seeking new landscapes but in having new eyes, Marcel Proust - I often wonder how many she thinks of me as she posts.

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When I first awoke the sky was still making it's change from night to morning

and as the sun rose so did the colors lighten

until they moved behind my neighbors house a lighter shade of pale...

365/05 January 5 -2009 - OK this is my proof that I really am going to the gym! We joined Summit last month and I'm so glad. For the past 4 weeks I've gotten to meet with a trainer once a week to help me figure out what machines, weights, reps are right for me. Karen's great, she's close to my age and really understand a body that's not young and fit! I told her my aches and pains, concerns and past problems. She set me up on a routine and it must fit right, even though the sweat pours lots of times I don't hurt like I did when going to the gym in Fresno. And I feel better about me, at least I'm doing something positive. The other photo was taken from the parking lot of the mountains south of us. It still startles me to look up and see snow, after all this is the desert! It's such an unusal year all the way around but how beautiful this winter has been here. I'm surprised at how close we sit to this surround of mountains, they don't seem as big in the heat of summer but sprinkled with the powder of snow they move in closer and grow taller.

365/04 January 4 2009
- Tulips - yes tulips in winter. I was at Costco before Christmas and they had these tall glass vases filled with tulip bulbs. White, red and two shades of pink. The label said they would bloom in 3 to 5 weeks and true to their word they have. The other one reached 27 inches and lasted several days before it began to topple. The pink ones are now sitting on my desk so I can enjoy their springy disposition as much as possible before they too decide they've had enough.

365/03 January 3-2009 - We've been invaded! I opened the pantry the other day and here they were with all their cousins, friends, aunt and uncles busily chomping away on our food! YUCK! I am not a bug person. We've had the pest man here 3 times spraying, this last time he kindly informed us we had to give it a chance to work! Yeah right you give it a chance I want them gone! My problem now is where to put the food, I just can't stomach the idea of putting it back in the pantry. So for a few more days here it sits on the floor of the dining room, boxes and jars and bottles and pristine new plastic filled with anything a little ant's footprints could possibly get into!

365/02 January 2 -2009 Utah Winter Sky - I was sitting at the computer, duh, where else would I be? I happened to look up, it was just beginning to get dusk and I spotted the most beautiful skies outside my window. Grabbing my camera I headed first to the front porch, onward down the front walkway, into the driveway and finally in the middle of the street. I'm sure the neighbors must shake their heads and say 'there she is again' but I got some marvelous shots of a beautiful winter sunset!

365/01 January 1 -2009
- Outside my living room window, I'm not sure what this little guy is but I was taken that he was yellow! By the time I ran and got the camera and returned the fat bellied robins had decided to move on, but I was so happy this little guy stayed and posed for me.


Sherri said...

Great photo..I love birds!

Malinda's - Project 365 said...

Great photos! Some amazing shots.

isaksmom said...

Patti, your photos are AWESOME!! I am so glad you are playing along. I can't wait to see more of your photos

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