Thursday, January 22, 2009

365/22 January 22-2009

365/22 January 22-2009 I was very taken with a photo I saw on a 365 blog yesterday. It was ice cubes and coke in a glass but you'd never have known, it was clever. I thought today what do I have in my house that I can take a photo of. A new challenge to see the everyday with new eyes; a lesson we could all tend to use. So I went around and spotted the marble jar. When we moved into our new home last April I wanted to try and unpack all the boxes that had been stored since moving from Washington 6 years prior. I ran across an old denim bag that had originally held my ball and jacks when I was very little, inside were these marbles, I thought they had long ago disappeared. What a happy site. I've since taken them from the bag and put them in a tall glass vase. The marbles had been my brother Bills perhaps Georges as well (my other brother). I remember as a very little girl of perhaps 5 or 6 watching Bill and his friend Ed play in the dirt shooting marbles. Long before IPODs and cell phones, MP3 players and text messaging. Back when a few marbles and a circle in the dirt were enough to satisfy the imagination of a couple of boys growing up in the country. What a long way from those fields, those boys, those times. But the marbles, they have persevered and are still with me today, a wonderful snapshot of my past.


Valerie said...

What great photos. And what great memories it has brought back for me also. I too remember watching my brother and his friends playing in the dirt and shooting their marbles.
He stored his in a shoe box. I used to take them out frequently, go through them and pick out the real pretty ones. I was so amazed by them. Maybe that is why I work in glass today.
Thanks for the memories.....

Malinda's - Project 365 said...

I love all your photos. Very clever. They look amazing.

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