Wednesday, January 7, 2009

365/07 It's 5:41 pm and I've been waiting all day to upload these, what ever Blogger and Picassa's problems they must be fixed now so finally I'm getting to add my photos for today.

Blogger is giving me grief and not allowing me to upload my photos so I'll return later and add them!

365/07 January 7 - 2009 The end of week one! When we went to the gym this morning I grabbed the camera to find just the photo I wanted to add for my last one this week. Only problem is I had so many I really liked, I guess that's a blessing. It would be worse to load them on the computer and not have anything you like. So today there are several ---

Close to the entrance of the gates into our home area are waterfalls and this morning I noticed the ponds were covered in ice. By the time we'd hit the gym and returned some had melted but not all. I chose this photo of just the slips of ice in the water.

We went to Starbucks to get coffee and cut up Red Hills Drive home. This has great pullouts to capture the vistas around St George. Looking South I was able to get this photo of the snow capped mountains.

At the next pullout, less than I mile away I could look directly East across the town of St George and see the mountain in front of me. What took my breath away when the photos hit the pc was this great streak of pink light filtering in from the top left. Magic, that's exactly what this digital photography is!

OK so I had more than I needed for this days photos but once home I spotted the tulips on my desk and had to try a few different angles, I am so delighted with this one. Now I ask you how beautiful is this???

(I got a little nervous at Blogger today so have decided even though I wanted to do one post for each week from here on out it will be a new post a day)

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Malinda's - Project 365 said...

Wow! Great photos! You're amazing. I wish I could take photos that great.

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