Monday, January 26, 2009

365/26 Monday January 26-2009

Monday January 26-2009 - I've been thinking I should add the day of the week going forward, more for me than you, lol. I can't seem to figure out time anymore since we retired. All the days seem to blend, weekend to weekday and back again. So maybe if I write it here each day I'll get it together! NOT, lol.

OK today's photos were taken in our front yard. When I returned from the gym this morning the neighborhood had been taken over by robins they were everywhere as I came down the street and luckily they were in our tree as well. They sat so still, just watching me as I moved a little closer with each shot. Probably telling one another in bird language what a crazy human I am, out in the drizzle with that little box pointed skyward at them :-)


The back drop of the naked limbs of the tree is perfect to showcase the brilliant orange of their tummies. Beautiful plump birds just sitting and looking. Beautiful aren't they?

The robins have gone now, on to fatter neighborhoods of juicer worms and bugs perhaps? I've never seen a worm here, not like the fat night crawlers of the Pacific Northwest, but I'm sure they must be somewhere for these guys to feed upon.

I must share, shortly after I took these photos I looked outside and it was snowing. Now what gives with that? For heavens sake we moved to the desert, or at least I thought we had! What a strange weather year, and yet it's given us a beauty in the mountains around us that I'm sure is not the norm. Of course today was pretty wet flakes that didn't last long, just long enough to make me smile and say 'oh look'.

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