Friday, January 30, 2009

365/30 Friday January 30-2009

365/30 January 30-2009 - I spotted this lone brittle leaf hanging amongst the twigs and evergreens. It probably doesn't look like much does it? But it represents the end, the end of winter soon to pass it cold and chilly days officially on to Spring. With warmer days and less heat needed at night I'll soon see new buds and shoots coming from the renewed Earth. like the paperwhites I'm forcing to bloom on my dining room table. There remains just a few hangers on of winter, like the leaf, resistant to give up the home it's known for a year. Maybe it's like we are resistant to give up habits and traits of the past to try something new in the future, I'm like that are you? Maybe it's time I let go along with the leaf, after all ,at almost 60, I shouldn't be fearful to try something new now should I?

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