Sunday, March 1, 2009

365/58 Sunday March 1, 2009

This little Kewpie was my Grandmothers and was given to me after she passed away in 1964. Always a reminder of those early years of growing up. It never matters when I look at her, whether I'm happy or sad, she's always there with her dimples and smile waiting to greet me. Next to her is a little fridge, Grandma got this years and years and years ago, it was a Promo given away at one of the stores. Actually it's a bank with a slit in the back. Grandma lived next door to us and kept this bank on the small built in dresser in the spare bedroom. She'd put loose change in it and when it was your birthday you got what was in it. When Mom gave it to me it was filled about half way. I like to think it's the coins that Grandma put in it, but I'm really not sure.
Memories, wonderful things aren't they?

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