Thursday, March 26, 2009

365/81 Tuesday March 24, 2009

Hover Dam - Nevada to Arizona

Notice the water level here, the white shows where Lake Mead was at one time.
You wonder if we will ever see it back to this height?

I wanted to give you some perspective here. Look to the top left where I've highlighted the new support arch being built. This is to be the new by-pass for visitors who want to avoid the horrendous lines of lookers to see the Hoover Dam up close and personal. Can you imagine working at that height? We watched the workers (looking like little ants) climb and crawl all over these supports for the new bridge.We went at what was probably the best time, with the least amount of traffic and still crawled for the last 3 miles. Leaving we passed stopped cars for a good 4-5 miles. And for me, a Pacific Northwesterner, I had a hard time seeing what all the too doo is about. The dams across the Columbia River far exceed Hoover Dam, but the Columbia doesn't have the close proximity to Las Vegas that Hoover does, I'm sure that explains a lot. We were more than disappointed at the tourist atmosphere, everything had a price, even the Visitor's Center, sad, in my view Exhibits and Visitors Centers should be free, I guess this will help pay for the new by-pass.

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