Saturday, March 28, 2009

365/85 Saturday March 28, 2009

Kolob Canyons - Zion National Park, Utah
Kolob, a Morman scripture mean residence 'closest to heaven'

Beautiful Navajo Sandstone Canyons were dotted with snow when we went today. Just 20 miles North of us off I-15 is a winding read road that stretches up the Kolob Canyons. The road switches up and around six miles and climbing 1000 feet in elevation to the top at Timber Creek Overlook. There were large turnouts all the way up to take pictures of the vistas around us. I've read where afternoon to twilight is the best times to take photos here so I know we'll be back.

I think one of the biggest draw to this part of the county is the contrast of the red rock and the gorgeous blue sky. I'm sure I must repeat myself each time we set out, 'oh look how blue the sky is', it just never ceases to amaze me.

Timber Creek Overlook
This was taken at the top of the trail we took you can see the rocks we went over in the foreground to reach this point. Worth every grunt and groan to get here! When we got to the top we took the trail that wound another 1/2 mile up and offering an amazing view of Kolob Terrace. It was geared moderate and was probably a pretty good breeze for hikers but I found myself huffing and puffing quite a bit as we climbed the 100 feet in elevation to the top. You switchbacked through the trees and along the rim to the top most scenic viewpoint. Well worth the effort. The vistas are amazing!
The canyons are called fingers and they say the oldest and the youngest rocks in Zion can be found here. Horse Ranch Mountain, the tallest peak of Zion, also is found here. So much in such a short expanse of area and so close to a major freeway. You shake your head in wonder, look around you and think, I wonder what else we're missing that's right here, just hidden slightly from view!

I loved this view, on the sign in front of you you'll see an oval over layed on the photo. Look in my picture and you'll see it directly in front of the sign. The dark spot that goes from the top down a path to the bottom is the imprinted marks from a waterfall. After I read this I could spot many all along the rim to the bottom. It said some of the falls only last a minute. Water a scarce once the summer heat comes, so I imagine getting to see one in person would really be something. I thought it amazing we were still seeing snow.

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