Thursday, February 5, 2009

365/33 Tuesday February 3-2009

365/33 Tuesday February 3-2009 I had gotten these glass vases filled with tulip bulbs. When the bulbs had grown, bloomed and were done I decided I would hunt for another bulb to replace them. Watching the bulbs grow roots in the water, produce their green shoots and glide up and over the rim of the vases is an enjoyable and makes me feel like spring is just around the corner. I planted 4 of these vases and this little guy took off immediately growing inches over night. Now I have a the bulge of a bloom at the top. The others, well they are still being stubborn producing just a few straggly roots here and there, but that's OK it means my bulb watching days will last for quite some time. As soon as the blooms pop rest assured I'll be back with updated photos.

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