Friday, February 11, 2011

February 10, 2011

For years my Mom and I joked about 'homes'. She always referred to where I grew up as 'OUT HOME", which is the road in the photo shown in the picture above. When she and Daddy lived in California that was 'DOWN HOME' and growing up was Eastern Washington and Oregon, 'OVER HOME". 

It's the quirky little things that give great value to our memories and our feelings. So here's a picture of 'OUT HOME'. The little corner at the crossroads on the left used to have a busstop that Daddy and my Uncle Willy built.  A place to stand under during the cold winter months.  Remmeber in the 60's no matter the weather girls wore skirts and dresses, not pants to keep little legs warm in the early rural mornings waiting for the school bus.

I left here at 20 to get married it always seemed so large in my childhood eyes and now when I snapped this picture just a couple of weeks ago it looks so small.  The trees and shrubs have overtaken the pristine mowings of the side yard that Mom always tended.  The house has changed, the huge maples that adorned and covered the front lawn with their leaves are now but another memory.  

It's hard to be in your 60's and find you need to move on. Perhaps I will someday move on, but for now I cherish the memories of 'OUT HOME' and the peace and love it fills my souls with. Do you have an 'OUT HOME' in your memory?

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