Thursday, May 7, 2009

365/122 Monday May 4, 2009

We visited Santa Clara Utah this weekend, a small town founded by Swiss immigrants not far from our home. They were dedicating a new mural that had been painted on the wall of the top floor of the Town Hall. As luck would have it we walked up the staircase just as the artist, Julie Rogers, was giving her rendition of what the painting portrayed, who had posed for it and why she had chosen to paint what she had as a representation of the settling of Santa Clara. The mural itself is impressive for it's size alone, 7 feet high and it spans the full wall at 27 feet. Being new to the area we recognized a few names as she told the story, one from the bakery we go to and one from the fruit stand down the road. But it means so much more now, we have a history to go behind the names of the founding fathers of this small community. And the mural itself, well it's just beautiful, such talent!

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