Friday, April 17, 2009

365/105 Friday April 17, 2009

Skyline Drive, St George Utah

About 2 miles from our house on Skyline Drive are these pull off parks with trails. We stopped this morning on the way home because we always see people up on the tops of these rocks climbing. It's just amazing the view.

The rock formations are just amazing, and to be this close to home makes it even more so. You are literally just steps from town but feel like you are centuries away. It's a real prehistoric feeling once you walk within the rocks.

Here's one shot looking down into St George at the Temple. So pretty on a day like today. Blue sky and about the perfect temp.

Here's another view, looking over another stop to the park and a better view of the Washington City and Zion in the far background. Such a beautiful spot. Click on the photos to get a clearer view.

When you enlarge the photo and pan to the far bottom right you'll see the temple in the photo above.

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